6 Post Breakup NoNo’s


Yeah ok, so you broke up. I get it. It sucks. It hurts crazy bad and all you wanna do is bitch about it, cry about it or hide. But let’s be serious. How is that helping you? It’s truly time to move forward. Keep yourself busy and get over this mess as soon as you can. Continue reading…


Just Give Me A Moment

sitting alone

I just want one day. Just one. Alone on a beautiful beach or mountain. Just to take in the view, to smile at the sun, to breathe in the air. A moment to do nothing. A moment to be free of all responsibilities. A moment of me. Continue reading…


Keeping Your Love Alive

I’ve always been the girl that believes that it’s the small things in a relationship that keeps the love alive. You know, like those cute texts, random touches, holdings hands, staying up late at night in bed just talking, just those random times that are not expected to happen but when they do that’s when you say to yourself.. that’s exactly why i love him. Do you ever sit and think about how you fell in love in the first place and then sit and take a look at your relationship now and think why the hell am I still here? There’s no more random hugs or nice gestures. Seems like the only thing you may have in common is maybe music or just the routine you have adapted yourself to. So where did all that love go? Why am I not getting random kisses anymore? Where did all the romantic stuff go?

There are thousands of ways to keep the love alive! If you have run out of ideas, I’m about to give you just a few of those romantic ideas to keep that love from fading!! Continue reading…


Why do Couples Stay In Bad Relationships?


Are you constantly being put down? Are you being lied to? Hit? Are you being told your feelings don’t make sense or that they don’t matter? Are you feeling left out of your significant others life? Do you stay anyway? Then maybe it’s time to reevaluate the relationship you are in. Staying with someone that doesn’t give a shit about you is very common. You are not alone.

There are those relationships that were as perfect as you could ever imagine and in a blink of an eye something drastic happens. Someone cheats, or lies, or starts ignoring you, maybe even takes advantage of your efforts throughout the house or the money, basically making you feel unappreciated. It is then that you may also need to sit and reevaluate the relationship and make the decision to either stay together or go your separate ways.

The question is why. Why do some people stay in these situations? Continue reading…


All You Need Is Love.

As the Beatles once sang, “Love is all you need”. Although today is Valentine’s Day, it is important to share your love every single day that passes. Today is a celebration of that love and I hope every single one of you have that special person to share your day with. A little gesture goes along way and it can brighten up someone’s entire day!

Most of the time we are hearing about nasty divorces or custody battles, bad breakups etc. So for Valentine’s Day I thought it would be good to share just a couple of beautiful love stories and maybe even share mine as well. Continue reading…


What Might Have Been

In this very moment things are pretty rough. There’s a lot of tension and expectations. Tons of stress. Though I think I’m a bad ass most of the time, its times like these that I am not. I’m not sure of what is to happen next or who will be there. Hell I’m not even really sure of who I am anymore. I know that I’m a fighter. I know that I love genuinely. I know that I love you. But all I can think of right now is where did I go wrong? What happened? How is it that I at times can see past the mistakes and imperfections and other times I just cannot. How is it that I can reveal so much that’s in my sole to the one I love yet it feels not good enough. Or was it? How do I even know that with so many other things going on? Did we forget that it was each other that pulled us through? Did we forget about all our moments? Did we forget what brought us together? Wasn’t it love?

Remember when we didn’t even know each other? And just like that we were having hot chocolate? Its actually pretty crazy how this all happened. “I’ll take two”. How is that even a pick up line? Oh love works in crazy ways I guess. What an adventure we’ve had. It was like a roller coaster ride. The Zippn Pippn. But like all roller coasters, the ride had to end sometime. Continue reading…


10 Reasons To Have Sex Often Or Daily

sex hott

Whether you are making love, shagging, knocking boots, bumping uglies, humping, fornicating, or mattress wrestling, why not bang your way into better health.

 Can’t sleep at night? Stressed out? Nervous? Have pain issues? Well sex helps with all of that! Sounds like a great natural remedy to me!

Here are ten reasons sex is good today and everyday if you can! Continue reading…



My beautiful daughter Olivia has been entered in a photo contest! She would love to be the winner of an awesome photoshoot! She checks everyday to see how she is doing! If you have a facebook could you please click on the link below and “like her photo! The “likes” count as votes and the one with the most votes wins!

She would be very grateful and so would her mommy! 🙂






Making Room for Quality Time With Your Spouse

Spending time with your spouse is extremely important. It keeps your relationship healthy and alive. It helps develop stronger connections and builds trust. It also helps you to communicate better. Most of us get sucked into our day so often that we forget that the person we are spending our life with needs attention too. Continue reading…