Keeping Your Love Alive

I’ve always been the girl that believes that it’s the small things in a relationship that keeps the love alive. You know, like those cute texts, random touches, holdings hands, staying up late at night in bed just talking, just those random times that are not expected to happen but when they do that’s when you say to yourself.. that’s exactly why i love him. Do you ever sit and think about how you fell in love in the first place and then sit and take a look at your relationship now and think why the hell am I still here? There’s no more random hugs or nice gestures. Seems like the only thing you may have in common is maybe music or just the routine you have adapted yourself to. So where did all that love go? Why am I not getting random kisses anymore? Where did all the romantic stuff go?

There are thousands of ways to keep the love alive! If you have run out of ideas, I’m about to give you just a few of those romantic ideas to keep that love from fading!!


Here we go!! 

1. FLIRT! When was the last time you flirted with your partner? Try pinching his/her butt in public, or try play fighting at home. Think back of when you started dating and flirt just like you first met. That little bit of taunting will go a long way. You’ll give your partner that little rush again and you just never know what that will lead to.. *hint *hint!



2. SEDUCE! Next time you are feeling a little sassy throw on some music, maybe some lingerie, feed your partner some strawberries, then try some new sexy techniques. That will be be a sure way to add a little spark into your relationship. Especially when they least expect it! Wait till bedtime and just walk in with some sexy outfit on. Or for gentleman, how bought buying her some lingerie and laying it on the bed right before she walks into her room.

seifeld seduction


3. PRETEND YOU ARE SINGLE. That absolutely should not be taken in a serious sense. Never ever ever cheat on your partner. What I mean by pretend you are single is, pretend you are single with your mate. When you are in a serious relationship you think long term. So there is security and commitment and lets be honest sometimes you think things will be the same all the time. Sex at certain times. Kisses when available, stuff like that. But instead if you think like you are single you act on things right as you think of them. Remember what you would do when you had that crush and you thought of them? You’d send out that I miss you text or if you were brave you’d send that sassy picture.. ( lets be honest here, we’ve all had that wild side). If you missed them you’d give them a call. Feel like making love.. well then you were making love. Do that with your partner. Act on it right away. Send that text. Send that picture. Make that call. Have that random spontaneous sex! And do it as you think of it.


4. TAKE 5. Take five minutes of your day to devote on your partner. Think of all the little things you forgot to do that may have caused an entire day of arguing. Maybe you forgot to call and say that you would be running late at work and won’t be home on time. Or maybe you didn’t say goodbye when you left. Take five minutes of your day to just give your special someone a call. If you are home take five to just sit next to your partner and just do a mini chat. Or take that five minutes to just give your partner a nice hug and say I love you. You’ll be surprised to see how far that five minutes a day takes you.


5. HAVE BAGS PACKED. Grab a duffle bag and throw some clothes for each of you in it. When things feel hectic and you just need that moment to just breathe.. grab your bags and go. Even if things are not stressful have this bag packed. Having a random night away is not only super sweet and romantic but also very stress relieving.  This doesn’t have to be an expensive escapade. You can grab your tent and go to the nearest campground. Or stay at a really cheap motel.  As long as you are together that is what matters! Have this bag packed at all times. Its the “get up and go” bag. In a flash everything is already ready to go!



I hope you enjoyed these few ideas! Remember there are tons and tons of ways to keep the love alive! It’s up to you to think of fun and creative ways to keep that flame burning! We all have it in us to keep your love one interested and feeling loved always.

The little things in life may just be the biggest thing <3

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