I Love You. It’s Just That Simple.

Truly this may be the first time I have ever had to write the easiest yet most difficult blog I have ever written. How can I possibly put into words how I feel about someone so pure, so beautiful, so full of life. It’s like, if my heart could be verbal for me that would be great. Putting this into my own words is the hardest part, as I feel there is no possible way to get the point across as to how intoxicating this moment feels to me.

i cant out into words how i feel

I will do my best.

Meeting you has changed my life completely. Your eyes, your voice, your hands, the way you sleep, your silliness alone can send a jolt right through my tiny little body. How the hell did this happen?? How can I love someone so much. Its so surreal. How are you the best part of me? and why now? This HAS to be a dream.

must be a dream sweetveronicag

There are some things you just can’t question. In your eyes I see my future. I see us hand in hand every day battling ever life moment that happens. I would protect you as I know you would protect me. There are only loving words always. We build each other up every chance we get. Its so unconditional. So extra perfect. Something I have never experienced in my entire life.

I love you. I savor every single word you speak. The good and the bad. I am not afraid of horrible experiences any longer as I know you’ll be there to carry me through. I”m not afraid of anything with you. It’s pretty wild that so many of our dreams and goals overlap exactly. I love that. We could really have a good life trying to be the people that we want to be. We never have to pretend. I accept you. All of you. Ever flaw. Every single part of your perfect self is beautiful to me. My heart tells me this is already something truly amazing and unique, and I have every reason to hope and believe it will continue to feel this way. This is real.


How great is it to never wonder if there is a light at the end of the tunnel, but instead be at the end of the tunnel with the light already in your hands looking into your eyes ready to take you by the hand. Oh man…

Please know that I am ridiculously happy knowing you in this moment. I want to savor every minute and and embrace every step we take. Together. Always. There are so many positive things about us. We’ll get to have each other in our lives.  We’ll get to know each other over and over everyday. And we’ll get to sacrifice and serve each other lovingly and willfully. I am the happiest girl alive because of this. Because of you. Because you entered my life. This is the coolest time of my life hands down. Loving you is so easy.

You could not have given me a greater gift. You confuse me, you tease me, you make me laugh, you make me cry, you make me happy, you make my heart beat extra fast every time you hug me. But most importantly, you make me love you. You make me believe that anything and everything is possible.

I look at you and I know, I finally know. I know what it’s like now to love and to be loved. How on earth did you captivate me like this? Without restrictions, without reserves. I just want to shout it to the world!


When I think of all the emotions we have shared I get so excited because there is so much more to explore. So much more to learn. So much more love to be seen, felt and heard.

I could kiss you forever. It’s more than perfect. You’re so soft and gentle. You look at me and just stare. It’s how you look at me too. It’s like you’ve never seen another woman in your life. Like I’m the only person who has ever mattered. This energy that moves between us is so fucking intense. I see you in the most vivid of colors. I never want this to end. I love that you love me and I love that I love you even more. Every part of us is so sensational in every way.

I hope this never ever ends. You are the one for me. I trust you, I need you, I want you, and I love that I have you. 

These words don’t even give our love.. my love, for you justice.

I absolutely love you.

I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know

always. <3



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