Goodbye My Lover

We’ve been dating for awhile now.. actually seems like forever. It’s one of those relationships where everything else in your life never existed and this was all you’ve known. Unfortunately today is the day it all ends…

I’ve been noticing alot of sings of unhappiness coming from the both of us. More and more I’ve felt he has gone cold hearted and just doesn’t love me anymore. Simple promises to keep the peace would be broken, no communication, and just a feeling of loneliness filled our home almost daily.  My heart is shattered in a thousand shreds as I watch my entire life empty right before my eyes. I lost the love of my life.  

How will I ever fill this void? My best friend is now just a piece of history. The one person who had the same brain waves as me, who finished my sentences, who had the same thoughts at the same time as I, who completed my very being, is gone. 

I guess this time around it’s probably best. Both of us need things the other can’t provide. And I guess if we could we just don’t want to. It’s very strange to say the least. How can two people so great together care so little. Crazy. 

I want you to know that I would have followed you always. You were my heaven. But you were also my hell. 

Its time to say goodbye to you. 



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One thought on “Goodbye My Lover

  1. It sounds like whoever is going through this should open up the lines of communication. I’ve been down this road with my husband. Don’t give up if you know it’s where you need to be.

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