Falling In Love At The Wrong Time

It seems sometimes we make excuses for just about anything these days. We meet the person of our dreams and we find an excuse for that too. Even when right in front of us, we do whatever it takes to push that person away.

We tell our friends and family and even the person we fell for excuses like, ” if only it was 5 years from now or it’s just that I’m not ready or even you’re literally perfect but”.. like if there was some magical time that just appears and all our problems are just magically gone and POOF there they are waiting. Timing seems to just want to ruin everything yet none of us can figure out why we let timing decide for us.

Sure timing is a bitch but its only a bitch if you let it. How bout some hard truth?? THE PEOPLE WE MEET AT THE WRONG TIME ARE JUST THE WRONG PEOPLE.  The truth is, you won’t ever meet the right person at the wrong time. If it’s the wrong person its because it’s literally the wrong person. When it’s the right person we don’t care what we had planned for ourselves. It goes right out the window and our new life starts with this wonderful being part of it. It’s that simple. Never in your life will you meet the right person at the wrong time because the right people are worth it and completely timeless. The right people don’t make you question whether or not you should or shouldn’t. What happens instead is this light bulb goes off and you think, “holy shit here he/she is!.. lets make life better by adding them to my life adventures. You know that all your adventures will now be nothing short of incredible with this person at your side.

The right one will encourage you. They will be right by your side for all the good and the bad. The ups and the downs. They are WORTH the effort and worth the challenge of not knowing what lies ahead. There is no question that this person will bring out your absolute best and your absolute worse also. All of it worth it in the end.

Truth is when we use the excuse of timing we are basically telling that someone that they are not worth your future, your effort and surely not your time but also telling them that there is someone out there for them; its just not you.

Don’t hang on to the people you use timing as an excuse for. Don’t allow them to get closer to you when you already know they won’t be in your future. Care enough to set them free. If you can’t, trust your heart.



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