Daddy Do’s. A Guide For Daddy’s With Daughters

Sometimes being a dad to a little girl can be somewhat frightening. You’re a guy so you can’t really relate to girls. You don’t care if you match, or if your hair is done. You don’t know the first thing about Monster High Dolls or why Justin Bieber is so dreamy.. and really you don’t have to. 

If you are a daddy bringing up a daughter then here are some useful tips. 

Respect her mother.This applies to all types of mothers. Her real mother, her step mother, or someone they see as a mother figure. What your child sees while growing up is most likely what will happen in their own relationships as they get older. If you treat this person with kindness and respect, odds are pretty good that she will fall in love with someone who treats her that exact same way. If your daughter is surrounded with a father who abuses their mother, yells, hits, cheats etc, your daughter will most likely fall into relationships that are also abusive. Good or bad, that’s just the way it is. I’m sure you prefer the good end. 


Spend not only quality time with your daughter but also quantity time. Hang out with her for no reason at all. Try and be active in the things she enjoys doing. Be genuinely interested. Your daughter needs you to be involved in her life in every stage she goes thru as she grows. Sitting idle while she adds years to her life and life to her years while you sit and do nothing will make you miss some of the most important things in her not so long young years. Children grow up so fast. Don’t miss it. 


Be her hero. She will grow up looking for one and it might as well be you. She’s going to need you to swoop down and save her many times as she grows. Man up and rise up to the occasion. If need be, throw on a cape. If she needs you, rise to the occasion. 

my dad is my hero

Take her on a date. Have her get dressed up, throw on a tie and take her to have ice cream. Just you and her. Don’t talk about anything other than what she wants to talk about or her interests. Make it all about her. If she wants to talk about Cinderella all day, so be it. Don’t forget to open her car door and buy her a flower. She will never forget it. 

Date Night

Dance with her. Little girls love to dance. Even if you can’t hold a beat do it anyway. Let her stand on your feet it shes little or grab your teenage daughter and randomly slow dance with her. It’s the little things. 

dancing on feet

Write a song and record it. Even if you don’t own any instruments get creative and make some music. When she gets older you can play back your song and it will have a special place in her and your heart forever. Make a video of you singing and dancing together. Keep it forever. 

Give her compliments. Tell your daughter she is beautiful everyday. It builds her self confidence. It’s like oxygen for her soul. Tell her in as many ways as you can any chance you get. Let her know that regardless of what anyone says, she is an individual with her own special characteristics and that’s what makes her beautiful. Compliment her intelligence, her imagination, any hard work she does, her strengths and even her weaknesses. 


Wrestle with her. Playing rough isn’t just for little boys. Teach your daughter confidence and resilience. Show her how to protect herself. Show her how to hold her own. 


Teach her about honesty. The best way to teach her about honest is to show her yours. If she knows you as a liar, well, she will lie too. If you make a promise to her, keep it. Don’t tell her you will watch a movie with her and play a video game instead. It will not only hurt her feelings but she will also lose trust in you. Remember she looks up to you. Don’t break her heart. Talk with her about being honest and how lies can affect not only her life but others as well. 


Let her put makeup on you. Don’t worry it washes off. She will think you are the best dad in the world if you do this. Promise. Put makeup on her too. It will be a funny moment you will never forget! Don’t forget the camera! 


Give the gift of time not of money. There’s nothing more important than spending time with your children. Someday your daughters won’t be so little. Spend time with them now before they are grown up and they are no longer available to spend that time with. Take them to the park with you, toss a football in the yard, go to the movies, or whatever else interests them. Spend your time with them, not your money. It’s much more valuable. 










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