6 Post Breakup NoNo’s


Yeah ok, so you broke up. I get it. It sucks. It hurts crazy bad and all you wanna do is bitch about it, cry about it or hide. But let’s be serious. How is that helping you? It’s truly time to move forward. Keep yourself busy and get over this mess as soon as you can.



There are however some things you should NOT do right after a breakup that seriously everyone does and regrets shortly after. Either that or you have no fucking dignity left to your name.

So my job today is to help you get you that nice clean breakup and tell you what not to do.

Shall we begin?


Sex. First and foremost don’t fucking break up and then get some ass right after. It makes you look like you never gave a shit and like a worthless asshole. Yes of course that spontaneous “I’m super pissed off” sex is fun and all but for fuck sakes what did that actually do for you? I mean did it give you some self worth you were looking for? Do you feel like a badass having random sex while still feeling like shit because you lost someone you loved? Come on, get real. Get yourself together. Sex is part of getting back into the groove of things once you have made up your mind and things have settled for a bit. Wait until you can think rationally before you make rash decisions. And speaking of rash, don’t forget random sex can get land you one of those too… just sayn’.



Social Media Bashing/Begging. Are you kidding me? Just don’t. Being both victim and also the ridiculous ex basher/sob story dumbass, I can tell you that neither make you look appealing. As the victim it’s embarrassing to know that the other person has nothing better to do than to splash your dirty laundry all over every social media out there. This is also when you all of a sudden find out that your ex has a Twitter, 3 Google Plus accounts with different spellings of their last name, Habbo (whatever the hell that is) and has been on Myspace.. all while also having 4 Facebook accounts and talking mad shit about you. Mind Blown. It doesn’t matter what this person says about you because the story is theirs now. It may not be the truth even a little but they are going to say whatever the fuck they want to in the end. Most times they don’t mean any of it. About 90 percent of the time they have to talk shit to make themselves feel better anyway. If you are this person just stop your shit right now and walk away with the smidge of character left to your name. Just don’t.

 And as far as being the basher or media stalker, been there done that.. it makes you look like a 13 year old whiny ass little girl. Have some fucking dignity and just unfriend, stop stalking, stop talking mad shit and move the fuck on with your life. Cut the shit. If you need to vent talk with a close friend or family member in confidence. If you think you need more than just a shoulder seek professional help. But for the love of god facebook should not be your life diary. 



Closure. You serious right now? Ok if you got dumped there is probably good reason as to why they kicked your ass to the curb. If you want that person to sit with you and tell you all the reasons they left your sorry ass once again then ask for that sacred meeting of closure. But if you want to respect yourself even a little just walk away like the awesome person you are. If this person is serious about the breakup there is nothing they can say to you that will change anything whatsoever. You will be leaving with the same information you received when you got dumped, except this time you look a little more pathetic. If they don’t want the relationship why even ask for that last meeting. All it does is bring you down even more and once again they get the last laugh. Dust yourself off, take some time and eventually you will find someone who will want to be with you. Trying to make that person feel sorry for you is just another sad move. Stop with the pitty party.

pittyparty letgoofbrekaup

Don’t fake it. I know it hurts. By all means be sad. Try and keep busy and continue your everyday routines but if you have to cry then do so. Throw on some music, watch chick flicks etc. Let that shit out. It’s good to release all that sadness and anger and confusion. Allow yourself to feel all the different emotions. That pain will make you stronger in the end and you will be better in no time.

what doesnt kill you makes you stronger

Keep Memorabilia. Uhmm yea way guilty of this one. Get rid of it. You don’t need reminders of yet another failed relationship or a reminder of a relationship that someone you cared for let you go. Just as you move forward to begin again you should do the same with memorabilia. This is especially important if you are now dating/engaged/married to someone else. De-clutter. Get rid of all those emotional triggers and move onto your next area of life. It is unnecessary baggage. It also screams that you are not over it. Try explaining to your loved one as to why you still have pictures and letters and shit from your ex. I mean if they died a tragic death while still together then yeah, that’s a good reason. But if you cheated on them or them on you or you beat the shit out of each other or they beat you or hell if they left you for someone else or just dumped you for fun and you STILL have that shit.. you got issues. Frankly you should be dumped again by your current person if this is the case. Let it go and move the fuck forward. I mean seriously..

heres to the past

Revenge. Look at your ex for what he or she truly was. If you broke up with them don’t obsess about what could have or should have happened. The romanticized version can torment you after a breakup. Don’t let it. It’s done, it’s over. Finished. There is no need to try and get back at them somehow for hurting you. If you believe in karma it will catch up to them. Don’t get even. Get over it instead.





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