6 Foreplay Tips To Satisfy Your Partner

Good sex is about the connection you have with your partner. It’s about working together to get the best possible results in the end. If you think that jumping in the bed and just gettn’ to it is the way to go about it.. you are more than wrong. 


Don’t worry. I got your back.

Some women like rowdy intense sex, and others like it slow and gentle. I’m assuming most of you are like myself and enjoy a variety of ways. Personally I think the type of sex you have depends on the type of day you had. If you are sad or exhausted or stressed out for instance you may just skip out on sex all together or you may just need that endorphin to get you to sleep and forget about your day all together. Your job is to figure it out.

The key here is to pay close attention and use every type of communication you have with your partner. Notice the energy, notice the reactions physically and emotionally. Take notice when your partner wiggles or moans etc. If he/ she is tired cuddle up next to them and see what kind of reaction you get for a bit. Offer a massage or a have a small talk. If you communicate properly you’ll know what kind of mood they are in. Saying things like ‘hey wanna bang” or “let me get in there” are most definitely not what I mean in terms of communication. Don’t do that. 

best sex ever

Here are some tips.

Don’t touch the good stuff. 

Don’t go straight for a person’s neck or stomach ears or genital area. Start with gentle touches like rubbing his/her arms, or stomach. Play with their hair. Make some eye contact even. Heading straight for the goods just screams desperation and selfishness to be completely honest. Don’t rush..

take your time


Take your time peeling clothes off.

Anticipation is going to be your best friend during foreplay. There are times when you really just can’t wait and you want to just get started. Save those times for random quickies. If your partner is wondering every time you touch the top of their jeans, or just under their bra if that’s when you are finally going to take things off, you are doing a great job of heightening their senses. Your partner is going to be on edge and everything is going to feel a thousand times better in just a few minutes. If this was something you planned (woman) as a surprise for your man throw on some lingerie under your clothes. That will add some sassiness to the mix. 

Woman Undressing for Man --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis


And when I say kiss I mean kiss all over. If you are the man in the relationship take control of this situation. Lay her down and take care of her. Kiss her neck, her mouth, kiss her breasts, move to her stomach. Gently turn her around and kiss her back. Try and do this gently as going to fast or too hard may throw off the feeling a bit. You want her to feel sexy and beautiful. 


Move around a bit.

 Don’t sit in one spot for too long. Spending too much time on one spot on may start to get boring. If you have found a great spot your person enjoys stay there.. but then go to another. Keep coming back to that special area and give it a little tease here and there. Don’t be the person that makes him/her think you have no idea what you are doing. 

doing it wrong


Make small talk. 

Give small compliments. Say she is beautiful. Say he looks sexy. Tell him or her you like what they are doing. Small subtle dirty talk is a good way to keep things exciting. Keep it hot not cheesy.



Go south.

This, along with everything I have already mentioned is pretty much the golden ticket. Don’t be afraid to incorporate hands or your nose. Kiss the insides of their legs. Take your time. No turbo tongue. Enjoy the moment. Make noises.  

go south

By this time I think it’s pretty much time to get to it. Don’t lose yourself in that moment either. Just because you are finally there don’t stop taking your time. In fact foreplay doesn’t have to stop just because you are having sex..  Stop in the middle and go back to a little play time to keep things fun and pleasurable. 





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One thought on “6 Foreplay Tips To Satisfy Your Partner

  1. LOL! Go down the waterslide when it isn’t wet… that cracked me up! I agree with many of these points. I’ve had a lot of sex in my life, and it’s always better when you truly connect with someone and aren’t just gorilla-banging.

    Thanks for this.

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